Floating Rules and Saftey


   Spring is here and that means floaters along missouri’s rivers and creeks will be soon be abundant. However there are some missouri laws that floaters need to know before they head out.

   “First off no glass on the riverways, any waterways, no styrofoam containers, um or coolers, no beer bongs, kegs, anything like that.” says McDonald County Sheriff Michael Hall

  Left behind styrofoam  can be dangerous to the environment and glass bottles can become a hazard to other floaters.

   “Ya know if those bust then when people can cut their feet or whatever on the glass at the bottom of the river and stuff like that. That’s the main things.” says Sheriff Hall

   Floaters can keep containers for their snacks and beverages with them while on the river, but they have to be secured.

   “if you’re going to bring coolers and stuff make sure that you try to get them tied to your canoes. That way you don’t lose stuff. Hopefully if you get them sealed up tight you don’t lose stuff that’s in them down river and make trash for everybody else.” says SheriffHall

  And while the waterways may be used by the public, some of the land around it is not.

   “be respectful of the property owners um the river and stuff is public is a public stream, but once you get out of that the real property that people actually own, they have cows, they have equipment, stuff along that river. That’s there personal property.” says Sheriff Hall

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