Fitness experts seeing weight gain in clients during pandemic


JOPLIN, Mo. – Many people have put on some extra pounds since the start of the pandemic. Fitness experts aren’t surprised – but do have plenty of insight.

Like many other businesses, the Joplin Family Y was shut down for a while as the covid-19 virus made its way through the Joplin area.

Karen King, Joplin Family Y Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, said, “Some people may have been eating out of boredom, maybe depression, it could be um maybe they had all this extra time and they had more time to bake and cook things that would cause weight gain.”

And Warren Black is one of many there trying to make up for lost time.

Warren Black, said, “I do the spin class here at the Y also and after being off for how ever many months it was, it was really hard to come back and then Pickle Ball wasn’t quite as hard to come back to, I mean I can tell the difference or tell that I hadn’t been here as much.”

Black says he put on as many as 15 pounds while the Y was closed. But his weight gain is not as significant as many others. Consider some stats from the American Psychological Association.

According to the study, 42% of Americans say they gained weight during the Pandemic, the average weight gain was 29 pounds.

But even in cases where people may have dropped weight during the pandemic, King says it’s the make-up of that weight that’s important to consider. Inactivity causes a loss of muscle mass, which decreases metabolism, which leads to weight gain in the long run.

“So it changes your body composition, so when your body composition changes and you have more muscle, muscle burns more calories than fat does,” said King.

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