SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — Retailers have finally received some positive news.

According to the website, Zenreach – there’s been an increase in in-store shopping and dining, up nearly 29% over the first three months of the new year.

Julie Bollin is the owner of Blush Boutique on Main Street in Joplin – and says she’s seen a big increase in business since the year started. Spring break, in particular, was one of the busiest weeks her store has ever had.

Julie Bollin, Owner, Blush Boutique, said, “Their options are limited now, I mean the mall, there’s not many stores out there, and I do think people do like to come in because there’s not that many people in at one time so they feel safer, and people are still wearing their masks, most people are, and so that has not been a problem for us.”

While online shopping for clothing has definitely increased since the pandemic started, many retailers say some people just prefer to shop in-person, so they can see outfits and try them on before buying them.

Like many local retailers, Bollin included an online option for her business during the pandemic.