JOPLIN, Mo. — $27 million – that’s how much Missouri patients spent on medical marijuana last month. And now that industry is up and running in Joplin.

In what’s still a controversial business, there’s excitement, frustration, and money coming in. It’s all part of the business of selling legal marijuana in Joplin.

Staci Deckard, Marijuana Patient, said, “I’ve been a patient for a year already.”

So Staci Deckard of Joplin has been driving to Springfield a couple of times a month to buy medical marijuana.

“I have a lot of nerve pain and insomnia.”

She says the cannabis Indica helps with that – something she can now buy in town.

“So I don’t have to drive an hour and 15 minutes.”

Missouri Made Marijuana is officially open for business. 17 staff members are trained to help state qualified patients learn about the different choices.

Chris DeGraff, MO Made Marijuana, said, “Whether they’re looking for pain appetite, sleep, you know, mental health, anything like that we kind of have a variety of products that that go for whatever element they’re dealing with.”

Staff is also trained in the extensive list of state regulations. You must have photo I.D. to make a purchase, along with the state patient certification.

“We’ve actually already had a few people come try to come in this morning that think that it’s just open to the public and ready to go.”

There are limits to how much you can buy, enforced through a statewide database. Security is strict, with controlled access to the sales floor and countless locks and video cameras. And sales are cash only.

“We are still federally illegal so when it comes to banking and everything. We have an ATM available out front for our cash only patients to try to help them out with that a little bit.”

Missouri made marijuana is open 24/7 from here on out at 15th and Range Line. Two more dispensaries are in the works in Joplin, including Greenlight Dispensary at 7th and St. Louis which aims to open later this month.