First ever literacy conference held at Pitt State Friday


Pittsburg State held its first Literacy Conference Friday.

The interactive event was open to local educators and focused on skills to use to serve students better.

Dr. Susan Knell, with Pittsburg State says, “The theme of this conference is “Creating Joyful Writing

Experiences for Teachers and Students” and my big overarching, broad goal is to make teachers feel better about teaching writing.”

Discussions at the literacy conference revealed that across the board teachers feel their curiculums were lacking when it comes to creative writing.

One main goal of the conference was establish lesson plans that are reflective of the needs and skill level of their classes.

Melinda Kitchen, a teacher at Lakeside Elementary says, “And we have to keep up with that. We have to grow, we have to learn just like we’re doing for our students.”

They discussed that with most people using writing to communicate with each other, it is imperative to teach students at a young age to be great communicators.

“We have to keep looking for new ways to introduce things, to keep it current but also to make it worth their while, because we’re looking at what employers are looking for in our students when they graduate. And writing is one of them,” she says.

More than 100 teachers attended today’s conference.

Pitt State hopes with that kind of interest they’ll be able to hold the literacy conference again next year.

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