Fire Prevention Awareness Week


COLUMBUS, Ks — The Columbus Fire Department kicks off Fire Prevention Awareness Week for Columbus schools

The Columbus Fire Department taught 165 kids today on the basics of fire prevention to keep them safe.

Steven Burton, Fire Chief, City Of Columbus, said, “The fire prevention program as far as I’m concerned is one of the most important things we do in our community. Our numbers have historically gone down each year and uh we are thankful for that and we have nothing to support other than our fire prevention program and the kids you know learning and we are so involved with the community now more than we have been and in years past and it’s just awesome to see the changes that have come.”

Fire fighters taught the importance of stop drop and roll, the dos and don’ts of calling 911, not to play with hazardous and flammable items, and quizzed the kids on what they learned

Emon Wilkonsin, Park Elementary Student, said, “Three ways out of my house are sometimes the windows the front door and back door.”

“I’ve been with the fire department for 16 years and this is still one of my favorite things to do every year is to come out and to the schools and teach fire prevention. and I hope that spark never burns out for me. But for the city to allow us to do this and the schools to allow us to do this each year is amazing so it’s one of our favorite things and really one of the important thing to do as firefighters

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