Find unique gems in newest attraction at Har-Ber Village Museum


GROVE, Okla. – People now have a chance to create unique gems in Har-Ber Village’s newest attraction.

The museum has opened a $16,000 mining company for visitors to enjoy. People can buy sand bags of different sizes before heading over to the mining company station. There are pans around the station where people can pour and sift the sand to leave behind glistening gems. Items visitors will take away include minerals, arrowheads, and fossils.

“We have a nature trail and a nature activity room. So it seemed like a really good fit because we have a display of rocks and fossils and so it just kind of supplements that exhibit. So they can come over here and learn. They get a card with their bags when they buy them and it will help them identify the rocks and minerals.”

Amelia Chamberlian, Har-Ber Village Executive Director

Chamberlain adds in the future she sees the museum adding more towers to the exhibit with growing popularity.

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