Farmers working to meet canola plant needs


The demand for the canola plant is growing and farmers are making sure they can meet the supply need in northeast Oklahoma.

“Few years ago I was going down the highway and seen this field of canola over by Lamar.I went and found the person that was growing it and he just had a small patch and we found that we could grow it in our area.” said David Carrier, Lockwood Farmer

Since then David Carrier of Lockwood decided to embark on the journey of become a canola grower. 
 Canola is a staple product in the kitchen used for cooking oil as well as beauty products. 
 But, the growth of the plant is low in the U.S., resulting in most of it being imported from other countries. 
” People probably enjoy the beauty of it more than anything.In this area we can sell canola last of September harvest in last of May first of June that way we can turn around and plant soy beans right after the canola.” said David Carrier, Lockwood Farmer
Much of the progress that has been made is due to farmers and researchers conducting studies on how to improve their yields. 
For example, at the 2019 Winter Canola Spring Field Tour, researchers are looking at different canola varieties in Miami to see what grows best. 
And, the Oklahoma State University research team says this year’s crop was successful.
“It’s not called Green Country in this part of the world for anything. The good moisture and good temperatures are typically a fairly gentle winter. All those conditions are what provides us really good canola crop and is one of the reason we like to come up here.” said said Josh Lofton, OSU Cropping Systems Specialist

Lofton says canola is typically grown West of Interstate 35 in Oklahoma because of the growing conditions. 
However he says, with more studies showing potential, they hope to grow more canola in the Northeast part of the state.

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