A local farmer is showing off his love for astronomy and photography in a new Pittsburg art exhibit.

Jason Burns may be in the field by day, but by night, he takes breath-taking photos of the sky.

He uses many different telescopes to capture images of galaxies, planets, and black holes.

He then takes those pictures and layers them into brilliant photos.

None of them have been photoshopped or enhanced.

As he prepares his exhibit in Pittsburg Memorial Hall, Burns hopes those who view his artwork understand how far our world goes beyond the skyline.

“It would be nice for people to realize there is more than a blue sky out there,” Burns explained. “And most people, they know their north, east, south and west directions, but when you study the sky and learn a little bit more and broaden your horizons, you get a greater spacial awareness–it’s a bit of a spiritual journey really.”

The art exhibit will be at Memorial Hall in Pittsburg until September 16th.

Admission to see the artwork is free.