Farmers face issues after recent flooding and high temperatures


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI – With recent flooding, high temperatures, and humidity across the four states, many farmers are facing some issues.

Heavy rain events have caused farmers to delay planting this season. And with late planting comes late cutting, which dramatically reduces the amount of nutrients in hay. Additionally, with all of the heat, humidity, and rain over the past couple weeks, foliage diseases are being discovered in Barton County.

“Southern Rust usually is a disease that blows up from the South and it comes in too late to really affect corn, but since corn got planted late, it’s going to affect some of that late planted corn, while it’s in the earlier vegetative stage and more susceptible to some yield loss.”

Jill Scheidt, University of Missouri Extension Agronomy Specialist

Livestock specialists are available at University of Missouri Extension Offices to answer any questions a farmer may have about their hay crops. And farmers can perform their own forage tests on their hay to determine their nutrient value before it goes to feed.

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