Famous historical mural in Carthage depicting Jasper County’s history celebrates its 45th birthday


CARTHAGE, Mo. — In tonight’s dose of good news…

A mural in Carthage — that celebrates history — will celebrate a birthday this weekend.

“I’m traveling across the country, backroading it through smalls towns. Been through Kansas, Oklahoma and I ended up here in Carthage to check out the history,” said Travis Truman – Minnesota Native.

Travis Truman was born and raised in Minnesota, but made sure to come to the historic Carthage Courthouse and learn about its history.

“I was passing through and figured I’d better make a pit stop, and I’ve never been in this courthouse, but it is an amazing structure, well over 100 years old, and it is well built and just beautiful around here,” said Truman.

The structure is impressive, but he was impressed by Lowell Davis’ famous painting, “Forged in Fire,” which displays on the first floor of the famous building.

“I’m very familiar with Lowell, and this is one of my favorite paintings of his. Because it crosses many barriers. You got the north, you got the south, you got the native Americans, you’ve got the history of Carthage here being burned down,” said Truman.

“45 years ago he decided he was gonna do a painting for the Carthage Courthouse, and that’s exactly what he did. He did a painting that depicted the entire history of Jasper County,” said Charlie Davis – Jasper County Clerk.

With the painting starting to get up there in age, Charlie Davis adds it’s time to figure out how to preserve it.

“Do we need to put a piece of glass in front of it to protect it from UV rays, etcetera? Because it is something I think is important for Carthage history and Jasper county history and we need to do whatever we can to make that it’s here for a very long time,” said Davis.

The painting will turn 45 years old on Sunday.

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