PITTSBURG, Ks. — Family, friends and church members come together to keep the legacy of a southeast Kansas teen alive.

Last summer, Tony Taylor lost his life-long battle of heart issues when he had a heart attack that killed him at his niece’s birthday.

Tony’s loved ones recall the 17-year-old as full of life, energetic and hard working and to keep his memory alive, they created a scholarship fund in his honor.

Russell Taylor, Tony’s Father, said “So, we’re looking for a student that has a good GPA, that has a strong work ethic, and that’s involved in their church and where this scholarship will actually mean something. To help give them a first opportunity at having a successful life.”

Larry Thornberg who works with the scholarship fund committee, said “Even though Tony is gone, Tony lives on. And his influence will continue. “

Last night, Tony’s family hosted a benefit at chatters in Pittsburg which brought in about $1,000 to the fund.

To either donate money to the fund or apply for the scholarship, follow a link on our website.