Family receives new roof thanks to Salvation Army


A Joplin mother and her daughter are thanking the Salvation Army for stepping in to fix poor construction done on their home following one of the city’s biggest natural disasters

Kinsey and her daughter needed a new roof after the May 2011 tornado. A company came to fix the house, but it didn’t do the best work, leaving them with leaks and interior damage. They were thankful when a company was able to fix their home after the May 2011 tornado.

“We had some damage to the roof after the tornado” said Kinsey. “We had somebody fix it back in 2011 and they were kind of a here today gone tomorrow sort of company.”  
She says there were several issues, “They supposedly fixed our roof and that didn’t end up being the case. Years later I had some leaks and the insurance comapny didn’t want to cover it anymore and that’s kind of what started this whole process.” 
That’s when Kinsey got hooked up with the Salvation Army. The organization is using part of its long term recovery tornado money to repair Kinsey’s roof.

“Oh my goodness it is amazing there is no way I would not have been able to have my roof fixed repaired anything without the help of them.” said said Kinsey
For salvation army officials, it gives them great pride to be able to help people who are still impacted by the storm — even nearly 8 years later.  
Major Becki Stearns of the Joplin Salvation Army says, “It makes my heart happy because I think part of the healing process is that people feel secure in their community.”  
Major Stearns also wants the community to be aware of the difference they are making. 
“It’s been a blessing to be able to do that and the people seem to be very thankful that were able to help them,” said Stearns.  “What it means to them they don’t have to worry for the next month or so they can actually start saving money.” 
The Salvation Army has nearly 250-thousand dollars to help others in the Joplin area with simliar issues. Since October of 2018, the organization has helped more than 40 families. They’re also going to start a finanical class to help people who are still struggling from the disaster. No word yet on when that will begin.

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