Family of pediatric cancer patient receives new backyard playground


A local child diagnosed with cancer gets a backyard addition to bring a smile to his face during treatment.

“I was very nervous for him,” explained Carl Junction mother Stacy Walton. “He’s so shy, but yes, he’s excited. He was nervous and he’s been waiting for this since they told us they were going to do it.”

Walton’s 11-year-old son, Cody, has been fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia. But on Thursday, he received something special.

“Today, we’re building the Woodland Playset you see behind me for Cody, who is a local kid, who has the unfortunate case of having Leukemia,” said Jess Bogle with Backyard Discovery. “So, we get to be out here and be a part of this build and hopefully give something back to them, so they can hold onto during these tough times.”

Roc Solid Foundation partnered with Backyard Discovery to make this day happen. With a $5,000 sponsorship, the Walton’s not only received the playground, but also spent the morning together at a breakfast and an arcade.

The Roc Solid Foundation believes in building hope for families by bringing them together through the power of play.

“You never have to teach anyone to play,” added Eric Neuman with Roc Solid Foundation. “That’s a universal language, but unfortunately a child, when they’re diagnosed with cancer, one of the first things that’s taken from them or stripped from them is the ability and luxury to play.”

And now with the playset, the Walton’s have something to make them whole again, during this difficult time.

“It’s nice for the kids because they can see people doing things for other people,” said Walton. “It warms their hearts and it gives them something that they can do together as brothers and sisters to get out of the house and take their minds off of everything that’s going on.”

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