Family friendly “Golden Paw Rescue” has been rescuing animals since the Joplin Tornado


JOPLIN, MO – The Humane Society isn’t the only animal shelter in Joplin. Just south of here is “Golden Paw Rescue.”

It was started by a woman who has a love for all kinds of animals, and over the years, it’s become a family affair.

If there’s one thing that Mary Ann Schlau has learned after all these years, it’s that you never know what kind of species of an animal needs a forever home.

“Golden Paws been here with me here for 23 years, uh fifteen years before that I worked out of my home over in Duquesne doing grooming doing boarding, I raised schnauzers at that time, and when this place become available, we moved up here.” Says Mary Ann Schlau, Golden Paws Rescue.

She and her husband Pete ran the no kill facility together until his passing a few years ago.

But there’s still a family connection, her daughter now handles the grooming, and her granddaughter helps out in the office.

“My whole family has a really deep care for animals and we want to send them to really good home so I love to help out the family business.” Says Ali Sportsman, 3rd Generation Employee.

In case you’re wondering, COVID didn’t slow down the mission of Golden Paws, over the last two years, over 2000 animals have been adopted out.

Sportsman also elaborates on what she thinks about her family’s legacy.

“I mean I think it’s awesome, I think it’s something we need to continue because we obviously sending animals to good homes, and I think we’re one of the best places to come adopt animals from so, because we take really good care of them.” Says Sportsman.

But after so many animals were left homeless after the May 22nd Tornado, she added rescues to the list of serviced they provide.

“And we do very thorough checks, we want to sleep at night, we want to know that dog is going to the very best place we can send it and that takes a little more than just mass adoption, but as long as Golden Paws is here, that’s the way it will work.” Says Schlau.

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