A southwest Missouri business gives back to a man who served our nation’s military.

Employees from National TV Sales and Rental, along with contractors, spent their Sunday at the home of Rusty Henson in Nevada. Henson, a veteran of the Marine Corps, recently lost his right leg, and was having difficulty getting off of his front porch. By donating a portion of their paychecks through a program called “Families Helping Families,” the employees were able to build a wheelchair ramp for Henson. Those who made the ramp possible say it is a way they can give back to the community that’s supported them.

“I think more often than not it’s to warm the heart. to help your community and have a strong community shows that you have a strong town, we want to have a strong state, and that’s what we do here in Nevada, we really do, we reach out, help each other,” says Tyler Bonham with National TV Sales and Rental.

The National TV Sales and Rental staff in Nevada say they are always looking for another project in the community. If you have any suggestions, you can call them at (417) 448-1700.