NEOSHO, Mo. — Families in the Four States are trying to get a healthy start to the school year.

More than 4,600 pharmacies across the country took part in Walmart Wellness Day.

Customers had the chance to visit stores like the one in Neosho for the quarterly event.

Here they were able to receive free health screenings, the COVID-19 vaccine and affordable immunizations.

“It’s important that all the kids are up to date on their immunizations, the other part of that is if you don’t know what your numbers are, then how would you know that you needed to go see a doctor or that there might be an issue you need to have looked at, and so by offering the free services to our community, we’re allowing them to be better educated to then go see their physicians to discuss their care better,” Jamie Davis, Walmart Neosho Pharmacy Manager

Davis says she usually gives out the most immunizations on days like today since it’s right before the school year starts.