Fall foliage in SMWO


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — The leaves are changing this time of year and its the easiest way to experience Joplin’s natural beauty.

The peak of color in Southwest Missouri are around the time of mid-October to late November. What helps with the Fall color is a gradual transition of weather. Warm days and cool nights really help tree leaves change to the bright reds and purples that make the season feel like Fall.

Francis Skalicky, Media Specialist, Missouri Department Conservation, said, “Good locations to see Fall color are old established parts of town. Your city parks are great because they have these old mature trees, cemeteries are great, even older parts of residential areas. Anywhere where you see big large mature trees, those are places that can have Fall color

If you are ever driving along the highway the most common leaf you will see is the sumac that changes the most during the season.

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