Fall allergies are worse than usual this year


Fall allergies are creating more problems than usual for patients this year.

The Midwest is seeing some of the highest pollen counts in the nation. Ragweed pollen is abnormally high — some allergists contributing it to the large amount of rainfall we saw in August. And the fall allergens will continue to cause problems until the first frost.

“Tulsa right now has the third highest pollen count for ragweed in the country, that includes the Joplin area. I mean, just like everything else follows I-44 up to the north east in this area. Here in Southwest Missouri, Southeast Kansas, Northeast Oklahoma, absolutely we are in that range,” says Dr. Nathan Box, Freeman Ear, Nose, Throat Allergist.

Tulsa’s pollen count is 187. The highest pollen count is in Waco, Texas at 418.

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