Fairland Schools hoping to pass 2019 school bond issue


“Fairland has been growing by leaps and bounds as far as student population” said Mary Dushane, Fairland Public Schools Teacher

Dushane says this especially applies for their elementary students. 

“They come over to our side and we have to strategize to get them to fill all the places too,” she says.
And to keep up with the growing needs Fairland Public Schools is hoping to pass an almost 5 million dollar school bond.
 It would cost tax payers almost 20-dollars more per 100 dollars of accessed value on property.  
Some of the issues the bond will address is an old gymnasium with leaks in it, while allowing them to build a new floor. 
“It’s the most used facility on our campus and in our community.The school uses it everyday and the community is in there every evening.” said Mark Alexander, Fairland Public School Superintendent
 A storm shelter would also  be built for elementary students  and the creation of more classroom space for them as well. 
“Currently some of our students would have to actually go outside to seek shelter in time of tornado and this construction would alleviate that.” said Alexander 

For school officials the bond issue serves as a great opportunity to advance Fairland. 
“We want to make sure our school district is one that is attractive to parents when they move in to town attractive because of the opportunities we provide.”said Mark Alexander, Fairland Public School Superintendent
Voters will head to the polls May 14th to decide the issue. 
Alexander adds in the state of Oklahoma it takes districts winning a majority of 60 percent of voters to pass their bond.

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