Fairland Police looks to the community for support


A local police department is in need of help from the community.

The city of Fairland Police Department is partnering with Fairland high school, in hopes of obtaining what they need to operate their department. 

Aaron Richardson, police chief of the Fairland Police Department, says the city is going through a financial downturn. He says this effects the money distributed to local departments.

“Because of that we have had to tighten our belts and make a lot of budget cuts the last two years the police department alone had to cut our budget 23%,” says Aaron Richardson.

Richardson says they are currently working with limited supplies.

“It makes it extremely hard to not only do the day to day stuff that we need to do, but to plan for the future and to pay for any equipment and training for the officers,” says Aaron Richardson.
He adds the department could not function without the support of the community. A student run organization FCCLA at Fairland High School is holding fundraisers to help the department meet their needs.

“We really want to encourage the students to know the police keep us safe; without the police there’d be chaos. and so we need an orderly fashion. So we are telling the students it’s important to have those people behind you,” says Mary Dushane.

The FCCLA will be hosting events to raise funds for the department.

“On Tuesday night on the 13th were going to do a community wide spaghetti dinner the cost is $5,” says Mary Dushane.

Dushane says if a person is interested in donating to help the FCCLA with this event they can contact Fairland High School.

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