Failure to appear warrants commonplace in Cherokee County


CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ks. — An abnormal amount of failure to appear warrants are being issued in Southeast Kansas.

When a person is obligated to show up to court for any reason, but does not appear, the judge can issue a warrant for their arrest.

For example, in Cherokee County, more than 150 people are on the sheriff’s wanted list for failing to appear in court.

Sheriff David Groves says most of the warrants are for traffic violations.

“What was a relatively small issue escalates because of the failure to take care of it at the time. So as a result by not appearing for traffic court. A failure to appear warrant is issued for their arrest and those warrants are typically no bond warrants.”

Because most of the warrants are traffic violations, if someone from a neighboring state gets a ticket, the sheriff’s office cannot extradite them to Kansas.

It is best to get matters like these taken care of right away so they don’t affect your future, like finding a job or attending school.

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