Facade of Spencer’s Sweet Call in the Minerva Candy Building falls to ground



An area business is picking up the pieces, literally.

Some of the bricks in the facade of Spencer’s Sweet Call in the Minerva Candy Building in Webb City fell to the ground Monday. Owner and Candy Maker Charles Spencer says time has just caught up with the facade of the 100-plus year old building, but he says the rest of the structure is just fine.

“Customers can still order.”

“The dining room, the retail part of the store is closed, but we can still fulfill orders, we can use the back door to get into the kitchen, the building itself has not been found unsafe, our tenants are still in their apartments, those kind of things, but we just the front door is out of commission right now.”

Charles Spencer, Spencer’s Sweet Call Owner

Spencer says engineers are scheduled to look at the facade and give an idea how long it could take to make repairs. In the meantime, he says customers will just need to phone in their orders for the time being.

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