ARMA, Kan. (KSNF) – A small coal mining community in southeast Kansas was in the spotlight Sunday.

Re-Discover Arma was held at the Miner’s Hall Museum in Franklin.

The event featured discussion on the history of the town, including information about businesses that have kept the town alive and schools in the community.

Attendees even learned how the town had a couple different names before it became what we know Arma to be today.

The Coal Camp – Arma exhibit was originally designed to be 3 months long, but organizers says there’s so much history in the tiny town, it will be extended to a 6-month event.

“We had so much memorabilia to look at and all about Arma that we just extended it three months. So, the next three months, there will be another homecoming one, there will be another food one, and I think we’re going to have one with sports, because Arma was known for their sports,” said Christie Parrish, Re-Discover Arma Exhibit Host.

Fun fact: A French cookie iron was invented in Arma, Kansas, so, next month’s event will feature French cookies.

June’s theme will then be “Homecoming.”