‘Everyone alpaca in the car to see the Alpacas’


This weekend is designated as National Alpaca Farm Days and they are open all over

(64804) — This weekend is designated as National Alpaca Farm Days. You can see alpacas up close and personal on East 20th in Joplin.

Alpacas socks for sale! There are so many useful products made from alpaca fleece or hair but it’s actually called fiber.


  • DO aproach slowly and calmly
  • DO talk in a calm smoothing voice.
  • DO keep your hand FLAT when touching an alpaca and pat with the back of your hand. Grabbing them or their fiber makes them think you are a predator.
  • DO touch the alpaca on the top of its back, shoulders, and side of its neck.
  • DO ask the handler what the alpaca prefers – just like people they have personalities with their individual likes and dislikes!
  • DON’T touch or feed alpacas without asking first.
  • DON’T touch an alpacas head, hindquarters, tail, or toes.
  • DON’T grab or hug and alpaca. Grabbing frightens alpacas.
  • DON’T stand behind an alpaca. Like other livestock alpacas may reflexively kick if you touch their hindquarters or startle them.


We were contemplating who could perhaps be the most-famous alpaca? What came to mind was the Disney movie from 2000 starring David Spade, The Emperor’s New Groove! Also starring John Goodman and Eartha Kitt.

Alas, NOT an alpaca. David was turned from a prince into a llama by Eartha, the evil witch for some reason. But llamas are distant cousins.

But we should take this time to congratulate David Spade on his new Comedy Central Show which seems to be doing well in the ratings. It shows Sunday nights new episodes 10:35 PM on Comedy Central.


TLC Photography Alpaca My Backpack Photo Session

Alpacas are more of a herd animal. So you could keep more at one time. They are smaller. 150 lbs compared to 400 lbs.

Brace yourself here, in Peru, South America, both alpacas and llamas have been bred as pack animals and for meat.

The hair on an alpaca is more fine in it’s shaft and comes in different colors. They produce more hair than llamas.

They are generally more friendly than llamas. In most places llamas can be used as ‘guard dogs’. One might have a llama guard a herd of alpacas.


One of our Joplin News First friends Terri is a photographer, TLC Photography, who recently held a photo session with the alpacas and kids going back to school.

“The back-to-school photo session was ‘alpaca my backpack’ back-to-school session!”

She told us how cute they are and how the kids loved seeing them and petting them. It created such a unique backdrop for the photos.

“Kuda (one of the alpacas) loves having his picture taken, tell him I said hi!” Terri says.


If you are a photographer and would like to book some photoshoots, senior pictures, series of sessions, or have ideas please contact Magajupa Mine Alpacas.

CLICK here and it will open MESSENGER to drop them a line.

CLICK here to visit their website with their address and phone number.


Sunday Noon to five you can experience the alpacas at Magajupa Mine Alpacas.

  • Begin @ Home Depot 20th & Rangeline
  • Go East about 3 miles
  • 7548 East 20th, on South side of road

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