European study looks into vegan health risks


Researchers in Europe split a group of over 48,000 people into three categories: meat eaters, fish eaters and vegan.

They found the latter group had as much as a 22% chance of developing coronary heart disease.

But, they also found vegans had a 20% higher risk of strokes than meat eaters.

If you are a vegan, Dr. Scott Duff, a neurologist with Mercy Health System says to not abandon the diet just yet.

“Are there enough good fats in a vegetarian’s diet? And we know that good fats can make your blood vessel health better, so I think that’s probably the take-home message from the study,” Duff explained.

In order to counteract the concern over strokes, Duff recommends that strict vegans meet with a dietitian to figure out how to get certain types of fats and vitamins, like B-12, into their diet.

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