ER visits and covid-19


JOPLIN, Mo. — The threat of covid-19, not to mention the frigid temperatures we’ve had lately, are good reasons to stay inside.

But when it comes to seeking medical attention, doctors say there are times when people shouldn’t wait to seek help – regardless of their concerns. Dr. Jesse Hatfield, an emergency Room Physician with Mercy in Joplin, says they take their covid-19 precautions very seriously – and depending on your symptoms, waiting to seek medical help could be costly.

Dr. Jesse Hatfield, Mercy Hospital Joplin ER Physician, said, “People who are experiencing shortness of breath, high fevers that are uncontrollable, significant pain, especially chest pain, things to be concerned about, definitely should be seen by a provider.”

Dr. Hatfield adds that anytime someone is experiencing shortness of breath even when they aren’t exerting themselves, or are so short of breath they can’t finish a sentence – they need to be evaluated right away.

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