Election workers becoming harder to find


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — It is an election year–predicted to be a very big one in fact.

But election workers are becoming harder to find.

Election days are one of the most important and patriotic days of the year.

Charlie Davis, Jasper County Clerk, said, “So it’s always a challenge to make sure we have enough people.”

The Jasper County Clerk is making sure there are enough poll workers on the job on election days.

They need 209 people for the upcoming primary and general elections.

“The vast majority of our poll workers are senior citizens and some of them like to retire in the future, and for us to be able to replace those with some younger folks is something that we try to do every election cycle.”

A perfect example is Jason Shelfer, who represents the next generation of poll workers in Jasper County.

Jason Shelfer, Jasper County Poll Worker, said, “If you do it in your local polling place then you’ll get to see other community members, friends, family, all across the board so can’t go wrong with that, to see everybody coming in to exercise their right to vote in your community is is a nice thing to see.”

Regardless of your political affiliation, he highly recommends the job to others.

“You spend the entire day at the polls, it’s a long, long, day, now in the time of Covid there’s a lot of cleaning but the friendships and the acquaintances you make with the other poll workers is fantastic.”

Poll workers will get paid $140 for the day, while supervisory judges receive $165.

Both will get additional $50 for working the November election because of the potential danger posed by the covid-19 virus.

For more information, call 417-625-4307.

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