Educational Facility Opens a Training Course for Team Building Activities


Two hundred people learn about team building and tour a new facility in Girard.

Greenbush Education Service Center held a Grand Opening for the new FlexPlex in the Community Building.
   This facility offers an indoor ropes course, industrial kitchen, and community room.
   The FlexPlex will be used during inclement weather and make team building exercises easily accessible.
  And today, families and friends were put to the test to see how well they worked as a team.

“It’s more of the small actions, the time taking to ask the questions you know about how did I change? What thoughts did I have? And realizing that it doesn’t take you know anything big or special, but just small crafts, interacting with one another, and just asking meaningful questions.” says Amie Beggs, Team Building & Student Leadership Coordinator

   Greenbush staff hope this grand opening will raise awareness of the facilities that were created for the community.

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