Education leaders are working to help students affected by the Vatterott College


State and local education leaders are working to find help for students and instructors who have been affected by the Vatterott College closure.

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges is meeting with the Missouri Department of Higher Education today to combine resources for students who are looking to further their education. Directors say students who are needing help should turn to the legacy website set up for the former college. Right now they’re working to figure out what teach out options are available for students based on the current plans the college had in place.

Executive director of ACCSC, Michale McComis says “what I would encourage students to do is, look to maintain contact with the institution… if that doesn’t work reach out to one of the regulatory agencies to figure out the best option for them. Don’t stop education now.” Educational leaders in Joplin aren’t the only ones reaching out. The Workforce Investment Board of Southwest Missouri is also trying to help students and instructors.

“This is a little different, normally we have a shut down or something like this where we have to worry about just the employees and getting them repositioned or retrained, but now we have a different aspect so we have come to together with all of our local tech centers, Franklin Tech, Carthage Tech, Crowder Tech to come up with an event that really works for everyone,” says Bubba Evansco, Outreach Coordinator.

Thursday, December 20th the board is bringing Franklin Tech, Carthage Tech as well as Crowder Tech under one roof. The local education centers will help not only students but instructors as well. There are two times you can attend, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. or two p.m. to four p.m.

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