Economic Security encourages parents to apply for Head Start program


JOPLIN, Mo. – The goal of the head start program is to prevent low income kids from falling behind others by the time they start elementary school. But sometimes, parents may not even bother to apply to get their kids in the program because they don’t think they’ll qualify.

An Economic Security representative says parents won’t know for sure until they apply. They say families with foster kids as well as those who don’t know where they may be sleeping from one night to the next may qualify for the head start program without realizing it.

“That they’re going to show up too as a most in need family so we really want to make sure that our families in our communities know this so that they can get their application in.”

Debbie Markman, Economic Security Corporation

For more information about applying for the program, you can call 1-866-718-0352.

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