Faye Lasiter has been living in her Webb City home for quite some time now
“Twenty years,” explained home owner Faye Lasiter.
And through the years, she’s also been living with something else.
“I have heart trouble, emphysema, diabetes and I’ve had to have back surgery,” Lasiter added.
Her disability prevents her from working…Resulting in living on a fixed income. So when winter strikes, she’s left with little to no options for necessary home repairs that could reduce energy costs and prevent the cold from creeping in.
But, things started looking better when the Economic Security Corporation’s Weatherizaton Program lent a warm helping hand to her situation.
“Basically, try to reduce your energy consumption. Typically, they’re going to do insulation-type things,” explained Debbie Markman of the Economic Security Corporation.
Markman, a leader in the organization’s Weatherization Program, sends crews to homes like Lasiter’s in order to better prepare them for the winter months.
“Caulk and a gun, caulking guns are probably the best things for windows…Also, putting weather stripping around your doors. There’s a lot of loss there. So, those are probably the two main ones,” Markman said.
For those who cannot do the repairs on their own, Markman will send crews to your house so they can do it for you.
“Putting new doors on, insulating, fixing the heater vents–they’ve been doing a little bit of everything,” explained Lasiter.
“It does make you feel really good. Just generally being able to help families stay warm is really exciting as well,” added Markman.
Markman says these small home improvements will lower your energy bills and keep you warm too. It will also reduce costs for energy companies in our area.
If you would like to see a full list of tips or apply for assistance from the Economic Security Corporation’s Weatherization Program, you can click here.