Economic Security Corporation conducts energy efficiency audit for Joplin Weatherization Day


JOPLIN, Mo.–Each year, the weatherization crew of Economic Security Corporation (ESC) of Southwest Area performs an energy efficiency makeover to homes just like this one in the 900 Block of South Byers in Joplin.

“We put in a new front door, we’re glazing the windows, we’ve replaced a piece of glass that was missing,” explained crew chief Joe McManus.

McManus says the process begins with a crew member going to the house of an income eligible homeowner. A plan is then put together on how to make a house more energy efficient, a process called an energy audit.

At a later date, a crew comes out and performs the necessary upgrades like they did on Wednesday.

“We are putting in a new HVAC system and some new duct work, we’re blowing insulation in the walls, attic, and the floors, and we’re also doing with some other funding as well replacement of the amp box as well,” explained ESC Resource Development Director Debbie Markman.

The final part of the process is the door fan test. All windows and doors are closed and air is blown out through a fan. If anywhere inside the house members feel a draft, more work is performed.

“We’re checking the volume of airflow through the house, we’re going to go back and attack the points of infiltration with our caulking guns, spray foam,” said McManus.

An energy audit can be done by Economic Security on any home, but there is a fee when the homeowner makes above a designated income. October 30th was declared as Weatherization Day in Joplin by Mayor Gary Shaw.

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