Eastern Shawnee Tribe gears up for 28th annual powwow


The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma is getting ready for its 28th annual powwow.

The weekend’s festivities will involve the tribe celebrating its heritage.

The cultural department will begin the powwow holding “Shawnee Night” on Friday at their powwow grounds with activities. The weekend will feature dancing and contests including traditional, fancy shawl, and drum. Plus, a variety of vendors featuring Native American artwork, food, and much more.

“Everyone usually comes out,” explained Travis Patton with the Tribe. “It’s kind of known as the last little powwow get together around here. Everyone dances, everyone has their new regalia closing out, so they are all coming together for the last time.”

The powwow will begin Saturday and Sunday at noon at the Eastern Shawnee Tribe powwow grounds and celebrations will continue throughout the evening.

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