East Town Joplin, home to major historical landmarks for the city, is on the road to becoming historically recognized.

Bookhouse Cinema was packed with homeowners eager to learn more. In fact, some of them say, it should have happened a long time ago.

“It’s about time,” says George Triplett.

Preserving some of Joplin’s oldest landmarks.

“Not only is this the east end, it is the beginning of Joplin,” says George Triplett.

Rosin Preservation, a company from Kansas City, will be surveying more than 350 homes in efforts to document history in East Town Joplin.

“Hoping that we can bring to the table a more full understanding of the neighborhood,” says Rachel Barnhart.

“It’s time to rebuild east end and get it back to where it was back in the day,” says George Triplett.

Monday night was spent meeting homeowners to learn more about their past.

“This is where I was born at, this is home, this is home, this is where everything is at,” says Triplett.

“They’re really the front line as far as the history of the neighborhood and my job is really to dive into the research and look at the buildings and be able to come up with this narrative,” says Rachel Barnhart.

And they seem pretty excited to show off their neighborhood.

“I think Joplin definitely has a strong preservation ethic, and so a survey and part of that is learning what you have and first of all what’s there,” says Rachel Barnhart.

“I want to see this as secondary to Main Street, you know, it could be that, it’s that type of area,” says George Triplett.

Barnhart will spend tomorrow surveying homes in the area to get a better understanding of what East Town has to offer. The atmosphere at tonight’s meeting was exciting as residents are getting that recognition they’ve wanted for so long.