Eagles of Missouri teaches students about all the birds in Missouri


JOPLIN, Mo. — Preschool students got to learn about Missouri birds this weekend.

Wildcat Glades friends group held the “Eagles of Missouri ” that teaches kids about eagles and other raptor birds that are most commonly seen this year.

They will learn different types of birds, what sounds they make, what they eat, and how long they take to grow from an egg to a full-size adult.

In between class they will learn a story, a song, engage in a craft, and look out on top of trees to see any feathered friends.

Lauren Copple, Wildcat Glades Friends Group Coordinator, says, “sometimes we learn just as much from the kids as the kids learn from us and that’s always it’s always a great connection to make and build relationships that last a lifetime.”

If you would like to participate in future courses or like more information, you can

call 417-708-7713 or email lauren@wildcatglades.org.

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