“Stabbed in the back, betrayed, no warning what-so-ever,” said a laid off EaglePicher worker.
This is how one of the roughly 90 employees of Eaglepicher Technologies felt after finding out they were being let go. 
“Joplin Police was outside, you know, just in case. A lot of crying. A lot of upset people,” said a laid off EaglePicher worker.
EaglePicher produces batteries and energetic devices for a variety of industries. The past couple months, leaders have been looking at the operations, everything from employees to facilities and technology used. 
“We’re looking to position ourselves differently based on the way that we’re trying to maximize our operating model. To position us for future growth and we’re reacting to demands of our customers,” said Sean Parker, EaglePicher Technologies VP, Human Resources.
While it may have got rid of nearly 100 jobs in the Joplin region, the company’s manufacturing improvement plan will include them opening up 20 positions in the Pittsburg, Kansas area. 
“We’ve encouraged everybody to apply for those that qualify,” said Parker.
EaglePicher did hire a third party to help people with their resumes and job sites, as well as included severance packages reflective on their years of service. 
“June will be five years. Would of been 5 years. Health insurance is going to last to the end of the month. The severance package that they say was supposed to be great is going to be one more check for 40 hours,” said a laid off EaglePicher worker.
In regards to the entire situation, the company said in a press release, “we appreciate the contributions of those individuals impacted and we are working to help them transition professionally and personally.”