Eagle Picher Technologies builds battery to power Mars 2020 Rover Mission


Someday, man will attempt to go to Mars, but will he be able to live there? A product made by a four state company will help answer that question.

This 60 pound lithium ion battery was built in Joplin by Eagle Picher Technologies. It was picked up Wednesday morning by NASA so it can be put aboard the Mars 2020 Rover Mission. Yu Pham is a project engineering manager in the company’s aerospace program that produced the 43 amp rechargeable battery. He says the battery literally makes the entire mission possible.

“It helps power the Rover, it powers all the instruments on the Rover and the experiment itself, so it is a critical, critical piece of equipment on the Rover,” says Vu Pham, Eagle Picher Technologies Engineering Manager.

He says the Rover will help collect samples of soil to determine if there ever was life on the red planet. And he says it will power an experiment to determine if carbon dioxide in the martian atmosphere can be converted to breathable oxygen. The rocket containing the Rover is scheduled for blast off in March of 2020.

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