JOPLIN, Mo. — Products made by a Joplin company are scheduled to blast into space Tuesday. Eagle Picher batteries have powered hundreds of satellites since the beginning of the space program.

Eagle Picher battery cells are aboard a communications satellite that will blast into orbit Tuesday aboard a Space X Falcon 9 rocket. And there will also be Eagle Picher batteries aboard the first several flights of the Artemis program, which will be the one that takes man to the moon as well as Mars. The launch of that first space craft is scheduled to take place in about a year from now.

Jackie Kennedy, Eagle Picher Orion Program Manager, said, “We have the batteries for Exploration Mission Number One actually setting on the vehicle you know waiting to be launched, the first mission won’t be manned mission, it will be more of a just testing out the vehicle, the rendezvous capabilities and such.”

Eagle Picher batteries have performed nearly 3 billion hours in space without a failure.