Volunteers at a southeast Kansas elementary school are helping kids develop a love for reading.

  Each day volunteers from the community work with kids at Jefferson and McKinely Elementary Schools in Iola.
  The volunteers are members of the school boad, high school and community college students, school administrators and even retired teachers.
  Staff at the schools say the volunteers have been so successful, many of the kids have read at least 300 books so far this school year.
  And they say the time the volunteers spend with the kids is having an impact in the classroom

“Our children love books, and they love reading, and that opens the door for them to continue to learn every single day.” says Tammy Prather, Library Media Specialist, McKinley & Jefferson Elementary Schools

  Prather says while many of the volunteers will return for next year, they’re always on the lookout for anyone who wants to help their kids learn to love reading.