Duquesne residents concerned about speeding in school zones


DUQUESNE, Mo. — Duquesne residents are raising concerns about speeding in school zones.

The area of concern is near Joplin East Middle School and Soaring Heights Elementary. Citizens raised their concerns at the Duquesne City Council meeting Monday night. They say there’s a noticeable difference when police patrol cars are present.

Becca White, Duquesne City Council Member, said, “It was brought to our attention that there has been a speeding problem in the school zones in the mornings and the afternoons during pick-up and drop-off time. Citizens asked for some extra patrol during that time from the police just to slow people down a little bit.”

White says there have also been issues with the school zone lights not flashing during school hours. As a mom herself, she says school zones aren’t there to hand out extra tickets – their purpose is to keep kids safe.

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