Dry January


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — The start of a new year brings new resolutions and new challenges.

Dry January is a month when many people voluntarily stop drinking alcohol, because over the holidays people typically drink too much and want to start the new year sober, clearer, more refreshed and healthy. Doing this challenge can reduce blood pressure, improves insulin resistance, contributes to weight loss and decreases cancer-related growth factors. This can also give parents an opportunity to start an open and honest dialogue with their kids about why drinking responsibly is so important for adults and what expectations they have for them when it comes to alcohol and other drug use.

Ryan West Newton County Coalition Member, said, “We you know we’ve seen it time and time again that when kiddos have that relationship with a trusted adult it really helps to make sure that they don’t develop problems with substance abuse later on.”

If you would like to participate in the challenge use the hashtag Dry January on your social media accounts to spread awareness.

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