JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Several Jasper County residents are awaken by the sounds of a semi truck crashing through a neighborhood just west of Joplin.

The crash happened in a residential neighborhood near the intersection of Junge Boulevard and Stardust Lane.

Those who witnessed the incident around 9:45 Wednesday evening (3/16) say that the driver of the semi took the vehicle through several back yards at a high rate of speed, crashing through a concrete slab and several large tree branches, before the truck crossed over a gravel road and broke through a wooden fence.

The semi came to a forced stop when it slammed into two parked vehicles behind the fence.

Those living in the neighborhood where the incident took place say the sound of that crash was loud enough to shake several homes and brought many outside to see what had happened.

Of those startled by the sound of the crash was Billy Fenix, who said he immediately went outside after hearing what sounded like an explosion.

Fenix says he saw the semi truck’s tires still spinning in place and smoking, as the driver opened the door and jumped out.

Fenix’s wife, Chelsea also heard the crash and says she called 9-1-1 after walking out to her front porch to see what happened.

In the video below, Chelsea Fenix explains what she saw after the driver of the semi jumped to the ground.

Jasper County Sheriff deputies first arrived on the scene, and began a search for the missing driver of the crashed semi truck.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol also responded to the incident.

If anyone has information on who was driving that semi during the crash, they’re asked to contact the Missouri Highway Patrol, Troop D at (417) 895-6877.