Driver arrested after deadly hit and run


An eight year old girl is dead and a driver arrested after a deadly hit and run this morning.

It was just before seven this morning when a semi tractor trailer struck Destiny Chambers. In what’s been termed a normal pickup spot, the Joplin school bus had already boarded three students then pulled onto Sunny Slope Lane to turn around.  

Authorities say Chambers was running late, apparently prompting her to cut across the road, adding that the school bus driver witnessed the entire incident.

“This was the 4th child that was expected to be at that bus stop. it appears she was running to the bus from the south side of the road and when she ran into the eastbound lane she was struck by the tractor trailer,” says MO. Hwy Patrol Sgt. John Lueckenhoff.

A tractor trailer with damage matching debris left at the scene was located in Strafford, Missouri – leading to the arrest of 49 year old driver Lance Lee of Dekalb, Illinois. This afternoon he was officially charged with leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in a death.

The Joplin School District confirms Chambers was a student at Soaring Heights Elementary School. They are offering counseling services to all students and staff there.

It’s interesting to note how they tracked down the truck. Dispatchers at Jasper County Emergency Services cold called a local trucking company which pointed them to the truck in Strafford reporting damage.

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