Drink Wine Day


Today is commonly known as President’s Day, but there is another national holiday to celebrate — Drink Wine Day.

Each year, February 18th is to honor the love and health of wine. Macadoodles wine connoisseur Debbie Blackmon says when trying new wines, a person should make sure to ask the right questions, such as do you want sweet or dry, white or red, and bubbles or no bubbles. Blackmon also says it’s important to have a wine knowledge to be able to describe the wine, which can take several years to master.

“But, wine knowledge is the experience of tasting and knowing what you’re tasting, even if you don’t like it to begin with, as an employee, you just have to learn how to describe it,” says Debbie Blackmon.

Blackmon says even though Joplin doesn’t seem like a great wine town, it actually has a big buyer’s market. She says moscatos are most popular in the area, but there is a shift of more red wine being consumed.

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