Drama arises at East Newton High School’s performance of “The Breakfast Club”


The show did not go on for East Newton High School after a student production of ‘The Breakfast Club’ was interrupted and shut down.

“We were told the production was deemed inappropriate and stopped midway through,” explained former ENHS Drama Club President Jackson Lewis.

The classic 80’s film is a coming-of-age-comedy-drama about five different teenagers that spend detention together and realize that they have more in common than they thought. 

And while there is swearing, drug use, and discussions of sex in the movie, the school used a revised script that is meant to be high school appropriate.

Jackson Lewis Former ENHS Drama Club Pres.: “How the policy works is before there’s any plans for a play to even be produced at the school, our principal, Mr. Charlton, is given a script of the play to read over and gives us the red light or the green light,” Lewis added. “And then before a student can even audition for the play, there is a cast contract that the drama department produces that must be signed by a parent or guardian to prevent this kind of incident from happening.”

Inappropriate or not, much of the concern seems to be about what this means for the performers.

“I think these kids should be able to perform their play,” said anonymous upset parent. “They put in the time, they shouldn’t be punished.”

“I can’t imagine how disappointed the seniors are that they’re not going to be able to perform their last high school production,” said Lewis.

“Let the kids perform. These kids should not have to suffer the consequences,” said the anonymous parent.

It’s possible they will still get that chance. While the school and the board declined a request for interview, it was mentioned that the board will meet next week with all parties to discuss what happened and how to move forward with everyone’s concerns and best interest in mind. Principal Charlton told KSN’s Lauren Lapka that it is possible that they might just make a few revisions and bring the show back.

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