Dr. Roger Marshall visits Southeast Kansas

Election Day is here!

SOUTHEAST KANSAS — The Kansas race for U.S. Senate is in sharper focus Wednesday as a candidate goes on the stump in Southeast Kansas.

U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Roger Marshall says there are big differences between his outlook at his competition, including how he looks at constitutional rights. He supports the 2nd amendment, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.

Roger Marshall, Ks. Candidate, U.S. Senate, R, said, “I understand at a state sponsored university we would want some significant protection for everybody. But a Christian institution should have their freedoms protected as well. We have the constitutional rights right in front of us, but I just feel anymore the Christians are the ones begin discriminated against. I am against discrimination for anybody including Christians.”

Marshall stopped in Pittsburg, meeting with voters. He also addressed the coronavirus pandemic, safeguarding health and strengthening the economy.

“So we’re going to take care of the vulnerable by early testing – best med in the world and get a vaccine meanwhile I’m so proud that we’ve kept this economy going.”

Marshall also highlighted his opposition to the “Defund the Police” movement.

“Already Kansas has set the bar really high in this area. That we’re doing so many of the things that the national media is drawing attention to. Kansas is one of five states that requires and extra 40 hours per year of their officers for increased training.”

Marshall is currently serves in the U.S. Congress representing the first district in Kansas. The Senate race pits him against Democrat Barbara Bollier and Libertarian Jason Buckley.

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