Downtown Joplin businesses team up to donate blankets to Souls Harbor


JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s tradition for new tenants of a building to have a house warming party. But in one Joplin neighborhood, it’s more like a people warming event.

Few neighborhoods in downtown Joplin are experiencing as much synergy as the 900 block of South Main. One of the buildings was just renovated and is now home to two new business while another is in that process.

“We are collecting blankets and donations for Souls Harbor because we have recently opened a shop block as Souls Harbor and we wanted to give back to a community we are wanting to help be part of to grow together,” said Kathleen Moehr, Owner, Florist and the Merchant.

Moehr just opened the Florist and the Merchant. Another new business is Coley’s Cookie Company. And both women say they couldn’t ask for better neighbors.

“When we were opening, we had such a great experience with all of the residents of Souls Harbor, if we were carrying something heavy in or struggling to get the door open, they would just rush to help us, every morning they wished up well in our business venture, and we just really learned how respectful and kind hearted they all are,” said Nicole Porter, Coley’s Cookie Company.

Dianna Gurley says she can’t ever remember a time when this part of main street was such a popular business destination, and she hopes that momentum continues for years to come.

“First of all we need them for our facility, but then we also give a lot of blankets our on the street, so even if people can’t get in somewhere to stay warm at night, then at least they can cover up in a blanket or two and stay warm enough so it’s very important,” said Dianna Gurley, Ex. Director, Souls Harbor.

She says Souls Harbor is also looking to renovate the outside of their section of the block so that it blends in better with other new arrivals, and a new office building is going to be built just across the street.

“I think the energy being created through compassion and the love that we have a business owners, small business owners is just going to continue to grow with that particular area and hopefully expand so we can be more of an inclusive community versus one where we set ourselves apart,” said Moehr.

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