Downtown Joplin Alliance offers services to help local businesses


Starting a business can be hard to get off the ground.

The Downtown Joplin Alliance is offering its services to help you launch your business. Director of the non profit organization Lori Haun says they play an active role in the continued expansion of the development of downtown.

“Spaces downtown are kind of hard to find because a lot of them are not listed with realtors and you kind of have to know who the person is who has it,” says Lori Haun.

She says she and her organization are hands on with assisting people that are interested in starting their business and helping them with their promotional efforts.

“Kind of figuring out what space you need, what your budget is, trying to make some connections if there’s some good possibilities. Even trying to figure out someone you can partner with,” says Lori Haun.

Huan says the organization’s services have been great help to many of the local businesses in the community. Local business owner Mark Cox says he chose to utilize their services when he opened his store Blues Bike Company.

“They have help give us the tools we need. Help us through the process of buying the building, learning about there’s a bunch of tax credits. There’s certain rules and regulations about downtown buildings,” says Mark Cox.

And he encourages others to take advantage of these services.

“Anytime you come in being a brand new business having somebody in your city to help connect you with some right people to help grow your business and get the exposure it helps out,” says Mark Cox.

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