Downtown Business Roundtable


Businesses owners in downtown Joplin were able to come together tonight to talk about what to do to bring more business downtown.

The Downtown Joplin Alliance hosted a business roundtable where owners could hear some of the responses that came from a recent community survey and share what they thought about downtown. Those that came to the event were also able to give their businesses’ information to the Alliance so that the organization can have a more complete list on their website of what shops, restaurants, and companies are located near Main Street.

“We had about two hundred and sixty some people replied to it and some of the questions we’re like “What are the first three words that would describe downtown?” “What three places do you go when you go downtown?” Things that start giving us some input, the perception of downtown. Because whether it’s reality or not, perception means a lot,” says Lori Haun, Executive Director Downtown Joplin Alliance.

Haun hopes that the owners that attended tonight can help the Downtown Alliance with the business reference database by collecting information from the businesses that neighbor theirs.

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